Lidwien Baarspul has the amazing ability to support the band with groovy basslines. They may not always be that noticeable, but play a big part in creating C33 songs. She also contributes with backing vocals.

Lidwien studies at the HAN Nijmegen (muziektherapie) 





Ashwin Evers has an English/Indian mum and a Dutch father. These cultural differences shaped him to his core. With his thorough understanding of music, Ashwin guides the band. He always tries to bring the band to another level.

Ashwin studies at the HAN Nijmegen (muziektherapie)






Front man of Capital 33, Yanick Marti was born in Switzerland and raised in The Netherlands. He lives and breathes music. His powerful riffs are what he enjoys most, on top of that he loves writing, and performing, C33's music.

Yanick studied at the HAN Nijmegen (muziektherapie)






The drummer of the band is Theo Walgemoet. Whilst being the bedrock of the band with a steady rhythm, he also adds a creative flair otherwise unheard. Next to that Theo has a great sense of humor, he is never too shy to laugh out loud.  

Theo studied at the HAN Nijmegen (muziektherapie)